I originally started photographing while collecting materials and inspirations for art, painting on silk and designing jewelry. Photography as a full-fledged work was later developed on the basis of experiences from journeys inspired by nature and natural motifs. A number of typically urban people, including me, ran into nature due to the effort to take pictures of something nice just to find that it is increasingly difficult to find unspoiled landscape, fauna or flora by human intervention.



In an effort to take pictures of truly wild nature, it is necessary to go on a race against time, to travel further and further and thus overtake the devastating effect of humanity on nature.

I consider personal experiences and admiration of nature to be one of the most effective ways of protecting nature than any other form of effort to work in the field of nature protection. In my opinion, the great expansion of photography due to the development of technology and, consequently, its affordability in high quality to a large number of people also has this fundamental and positive consequence.

I am not an idealist and therefore I do not think that there is a simple solution to the consequences of man's action on nature. But I am convinced that by getting to know each other, personal and emotional experiences mediated by photos or traveling, each of us takes a little out of indifference and changes our behavior and values.



Traveling is not always easy and smooth. Tired waiting at airports and long flights, lost or undelivered luggage, misunderstandings due to language and cultural barriers, fatigue from time lag ...

Nevertheless, when the choice of destination and weather is successful, the reward is an indescribable experience. No photograph or video will convey a powerful experience of the unfetteredness and scent of the African savannah, the majesty and coldness of the Arctic glacier or the chill of the noise of the elephant herd marching at sunset. Then the common worries of everyday hasty life are really so far away that they seem small.

I believe that we manage to capture at least a fraction of these experiences, the wonderful atmosphere and the healing power of the unfettered nature of nature in photographs and video documents, and thus bring joy to our fans.